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    Introducing Vol II : The Silk Road and China

the silk road and china

Silk Road represents one of the greatest civilizations in the human history and it is the Journey that many of us vow to take one day.

More than 2000 years ago when China brought silk as peace offering to seek diplomatic alliance with the kingdom in the Western Region, the luxurious fabric made an instant success and a network of trade routes was thus formed over the years, expanding virtually to almost every part of the civilized world. When China produced the first printed book, Diamond Sutra, in 868, the world communication was opened up irrevocably. It may surprise most people that information superhighway can be viewed as beginning in China, not the Silicon Valley - that is, if you don't limit communication to the digital technology only.

The Silk Road begins in China but its civilization belongs to the world.

The writer, Pansy Kwan, took her romantic journey to the Silk Road twenty-five years ago in the early 1980s when China was not fully opened to tourism. With old images revealing the stark reality of the Silk Road that bear the witness of time, the writer takes us back to ancient China in her book, Pic n' Mix Travel ® - The Silk Road and China - Vol II.

With a total of over 160 photos that speak better than words, The Silk Road and China is brief in history and yet full of interesting facts which would feed any inquisitive mind. The writer uses proses and folk tales, of which she has learned since childhood, to add another dimension of interest to the book; and ancient proverbs that stand the test of time are added at intervals to tie everything together and also give us pause to think.

The Silk Road and China is brought to a close in the last section of the last chapter with the eminent Tang poems that depict the people and the life in the Silk Road cities. Some of the verses are legendary and the most hauntingly beautiful love poem, Song of Everlasting Sorrow, signifies an end, by telling the life story of the Great Beauty, Yang the Royal Consort, in the imperial city of Xian, where the Silk Road begins and also ends.

The Silk Road and China is written in English. Chinese are provided next to their English translation wherever applicable, and the traditional Chinese characters are used, instead of the simplified characters now adopted in the mainland China. Asians, such as Japanese and Koreans, would find kinship to the Chinese words and call to mind their own heritages which are interwined with China since the ancient time. Those who are interested in the fascinating world of civilization would be enchanted by the insight from someone nutured in the traditional Chinese culture and a western education.

The Silk Road and China is written for general readership, suitable for all nationalities, and holds promises of something interesting for everyone. Providing old information, which is new to many people, the writer wishes to revive the Silk Road spirit with her book.

The Silk Road and China has a total of six chapters and each section is complete in itself. You can fast track to any section or any chapter you like. Nevertheless, the writer recommends reading each chapter in its chronological order.

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