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  Vol I : Hungary, Croatia and Italy - Table of Contents

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PART I   Travelling In General
1   Preparing for the Journey
      Collecting Ideas
      Setting Your Theme
      Tax Deduction
      Setting Your Itineraries
      Setting Your Standard
      When to Go and Length of Your Journey
      Multiple Stopovers and Choosing Airlines
      How Much Money to Bring
      Debit Card
      Credit Card
      Visa, Health, Law and Order
      Home Affairs
      Packing Tips
2   During the Journey
      Currency of Information
      Mind Your Belongings
      Divide and Hide Your Money
      Count Your Change
      Security Tips
      Go Solo or in Numbers
      Accommodation Guide
      Good Health and Sensible Savings Go Hand in Hand
      Flexibility in Your Itineraries
      Daylight Savings
      Setting the Right Expectation
PART II   The Journey
3   Hong Kong
      Fast Facts
      My Favourite Stopover in Asia
      Finding Rooms and When to Go
      Arriving at Hong Kong and City Transport
      Where to Go and What to Do
      Consulates in Hong Kong
      More Pictures of Hong Kong
4   München (Munich)
      Fast Facts
      A Stopover in Europe
      Arriving at Munich and Finding Rooms
      Sight-seeing in Munich and Tours
      A Day Excursion to Füssen, Schloss Neuschwansten and Schloss Hohenschwangau
      A Day Excursion to Regensburg on the Danube
      Fillers in Munich
      Food and Shopping
      Consulates in Munich
      Words and Meanings
      The Eccentric Ludwig II and His Castles Oktoberfest
      A Picture of Bavaria
5   Magyarország (Hungary)
      Fast Facts
      Duna (Danube), Dunakanya (Danube Bend) and Budapest
      Arriving at Budapest
      Transport in Budapest
      Finding Rooms
      Revising my Itineraries
      Tour of Budapest
      Citadella (Citadel) on Gellérthegy (Gellért Hill) in Buda
      Vár Kerűlet (The Castle District) in Buda
      Thermal Baths and Gellért Hotel in Buda
      Országház (The Parliament House) in Pest
      Nagy Zsinagóga (The Great Synagogue) in Pest
      Szent István Bazilika (Saint Stephen’s Basilica) in Pest
      Hosök tere (Heroes’ Square) & Ezeréves Emlékmu (Millenary Monuments) in Pest
      Second Oldest Underground Railway in Europe
      Magyar Állami Operaház (Hungarian State Opera House) in Pest
      Central Kavehaz Etterem in Pest
      Nagyvásárcsarnok (Central Market) in Pest
      Margit-sziget (Margaret Island) on Duna (Danube)
      Széchenyi Lánchid (The Chain Bridge)
      A Day Excursion to Visegrád Vác
      A Day Excursion to Esztergom and Szentendre (St Andrew)
      A Day Excursion to Egri (Eger) and the Legend of the Szépasszony-vőlgy (Valley of Nice Women)
         and the Bikavér (Bull’s Blood)
      A Day Excursion to Pannonhalma and Győr
      A Half Day Excursion to Királyi Kastély (The Royal Mansion) in Gödöllõ
      Shopping in Budapest
      Eating in Budapest
      Posta in Hungary
      Recommended Itineraries in Budapest
      Local Tour
      Costing and Money
      From Budapest to Zagreb
      Consulates and Embassies
      Words and Meanings
      A Brief History of Hungary
      The Fate of St Crown of Hungary
      The Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma or called, the Archabbey of Saint Martin
      More Pictures of Hungary
6   Hrvatska (Croatia)
      Fast Facts
      Arriving at Zagreb by Train
      Arriving at Zagreb by Plane
      Arriving at Zagreb by Bus
      Getting Around and City Transport in Zagreb
      Finding Rooms in Zagreb
      Revising my Plan
      Town Walks in Zagreb
      From Zagreb to Split by Bus
      Finding Rooms in Split and City Transport
      Diocletian’s Palace and the Stari Grad (Old Town) in Split
      A Day Trip to Trogir
      From Split to Dubrovnik by Bus
      Finding Rooms in Dubrovnik
      Stari Grad (Old Town) of Dubrovnik
      Shopping and Food in Croatia
      Posta in Croatia
      Recommended Itineraries in Croatia
      From Split to Ancona of Italy by Ferry
      Costing and Money
      Consulates and Embassies
      Words and Meanings
      A Brief History of Croatia
      More Pictures of Croatia
7   Italia (Italy)
      Fast Facts
      Regions and Cities
      International Train
      Travelling by Train
      Travelling by Bus
      Finding Rooms
      Phone Cards and Booking in Advance
      International Calls and Phone Points
      Internet Café
      Food and Wine
      Looking for W.C.
      Looking for A Piazza
      My First Leg of Journey to Ancona of Italy
      Arriving at Perugia
      Finding Rooms in Perugia and Going to Towns
      Eurocholate in Perugia
      The Old Town of Perugia
      Arriving at Assisi and Around Town
      Finding Rooms in Assisi
      Assisi, St Maria degli Angeli and San Damiano
      A Day Trip To Spoleto
      From Assisi to Roma (Rome)
      Finding Rooms and Getting Around in Rome
      Sight-seeing in Rome
      Citta’ del Vanticano (Vatican City)
      Monuments of Ancient Rome
      Other Major Sights in Rome
      Napoli (Naples) and Pompei (Pompeii)
      From Roma (Rome) to Firenze (Florence)
      Firenze Stazione Centrale SM Novella and Tourist Office
      Finding Rooms in Florence
      Tours Operating in Florence and Chianti Region Firenze (Florence)
      Main Attractions in Florence
      A Tour of Siena
      A Tour of San Gimignano
      A Day Trip to Lucca
      Cinque Terre (Five Land)
      From Florence to Cinque Terre
      Finding Rooms and Monterosso
      Cinque Terre National Park
      Getting Physical in Cinque Terre
      Shopping and Eating in Cinque Terre
      Hopping on and off Cinque Terre, La Spezia and Levanto
      From Monterosso to Pisa and Firenze
      Pisa and City Transport
      Main Attractions in Pisa
      From Florence to Venice
      Venezia (Venice)
      Finding Rooms and Getting Around in Venice
      Canal Tours by Vaporetti (Waterbuses)
      A Gondola Tour in Venice
      Walking Tour in Venice
      Carnival, Shopping and Eating in Venice
      Acque Alte (High Water)
      From Venice to Milan
      Milano (Milan)
      Finding Rooms in Milan
      City Transport in Milan
      Main Attractions in Milan
      Fashion and Shopping in Milan
      Departing Milan by Plane
      Costing and Money
      Consulates and Embassies
      Words and Meanings
      A Brief History of Italia (Italy)
      Roma (Rome)
      The Colosseo (Colosseum) and the Gladiators
      Via Appia (Appian Way), Roman Roads and Aqueducts
      Citta’ del Vanticano (Vatican City), Holy See and the Popes
      Pompei (Pompeii), The Lost City
      The Renaissance
      The Medici Family
      Saint Francis of Assisi (1182–1226), The Francescan (Franciscan) Vocation, and Friars
      Saint Clare of Assisi (1193–1253), San Damiano and the Poor Ladies
      The Manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci and the Codex Atlanticus
      More Pictures of Italy
8   Bangkok
      Fast Facts
      A Stopover in Asia
      Finding Rooms and City Transport
      Sight-seeing in Bangkok
      Phra Barom Maha Rajcha Wang (Royal Grand Palace)
      Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)
      Shopping, Eating and Massage
      More Pictures of Bangkok
PART III   After The Journey
9   Review
      Spending Summary
      Cost Comparison
      Joining a Tour or Not

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