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Why ebook? The first volume of Pic n’ Mix Travel® series is a paper edition published in September 2005 by Sid Harter Publishers. The writer found many limitations, which included the high cost associated with colour printing and distribution. She revised the text, added more pictures and published a second edition in electronic version in November 2005. While the writer prefers reading the paper edition of a novel, she sees the potential and benefits of informative books in electronic version, especially when they are designed for screen viewing. The writer has decided to publish the future volumes of Pic n' Mix Travel® series in ebook format.

Ebook is great for environment - paperless.

Ebook is handy and flexible. You can store it in your cell phone or any electronic device with a memory. You can enlarge the page size and read in comfort without causing strain to your eyes in large screen, whether it is your personal computer or television. Our second volume is enhanced for wide screen viewing - the page orientation is in landscape, not portrait.

Ebook provides the most efficient and complete search tool to access information quickly. Take the first volume of Pic n' Mix Travel® series as an example. If you type in the word "Ludwig II", the search tool will return all pages with the word Ludwig II and there you have everything about Ludwig II from his royal castles, one of which sets the scene of Disneyland's dream castle, to his relation to Hungarian Queen Elizabeth. The search links all the way from Bavaria of Germany to Hungary, and that is also a special feature of Pic n' Mix Travel® - Hungary, Croatia and Italy - Vol I, whereby historical information is interrelated and cross-country.

The convenience of ebook comes with a price. The ease of copying makes the task of copyright protection difficult, as in any electronic media. Special software or ebook reader may offer protection but that also means additional cost to the writer and the reader as well. The writer has opted a pdf format, which is the most popular and commonly adopted document format in the business environment, so that her ebook can reach a wider readership. The sharing of knowledge in a green environment is the primary objective and the writer hopes that honesty prevails.

If you come in possession of our ebook without a proof of purchase from this organization, please contact us at to rectify the situation. Failure to pay for your copy not only infringes international copyright, but you are also breaching the tax payment due to the Australian Taxation Office that is included in the price of the book.

Stealing the content or illegal copying would deprive the serious writers from getting a fair compensation for their effort and deter many of them from publishing, due to an unsustainable writing career; and publications would be dominated by a certain type of publishers and writers for commercial benefits - don't let this happen! Your doing the right thing will encourage more creative writers to use a green media to publish their works for you.

The Pic n' Mix Travel® License Agreement applies to all of our ebooks.

You may check our other webpages for the latest book release and enjoy our free photo gallery at pic n' mix travel®.

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