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Pic n’ Mix Travel® is the registered trademark of a series of publications, which introduce places around the world with photos, drawings and information. Each publication is numbered and registered for legal deposit at the National Library of Australia, and is copyright protected internationally.

While each publication has its own theme - be it a practical guide or a sentimental journey - each shares the same mottos :

  • Picture speaks better than words.
  • The text presents a true and fair view.
  • Pic n’ Mix Travel® is written with independence and the writer does not accept any money or benefits in kind to write in favour of anyone or mention any vendor.
  • Pansy Kwan is the owner and the writer of Pic n' Mix Travel®.

    We have a large collection of photos spanning more than two decades available at our photo gallery for your viewing, and they are the original images with no gross-up.

    Two volumes of the Pic n' Mix Travel® series have been published in electronic version. Not sure about ebooks? Please read our notes on the ebook. For reviews, please click on below images.

    Volume I - Hungary, Croatia and Italy
    - Stopover Hong Kong, Munich and Bangkok
    Volume II - The Silk Road and china 絲 綢 之 路 與 中 國
    - Launch in June 2009!
    Book Front Cover of Vol I - Hungary, Croatia and ItalyBook Front Cover of Vol II  The Silk Road and China
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    If you have any queries, write to us at, or mail to us at PO Box 5142, Pinewood LPO, VIC 3149, Australia. Our head office is in Victoria, Australia.