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SP Kwan has thousands of pictures spanning more than two decades for your viewing and most importantly, all of them are real images - scanned and digitalized - with original sizes ranging from one to five mb each. To optimize the picture for web viewing, we have reduced each image to around 30 kb.

We replace the pictures regularly to make way for new ones. If you do not want to miss out, please check our website as often as you can.

All pictures in this website are copyright protected, and they are for your private enjoyment. Should you want any of them for commercial purpose, please contact us at

Egyptian children
The Egyptian Trio

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After a Full Day's Work, Dead Tired!
Fa Yuen Street Market, Mongkok, Hong Kong

Fa Yuen (Garden) Street Market, Mongkok, Hong Kong

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Tasmania, Kangaroo munching a tasty apple and someone is watching 10

Austria (Oesterreich)

Salzburg hf 1, Vienna ssc 1


Lake Louise c 9, Lake Louise 10, Karate girl at the British Columbia Glacier 25, By the seaside of Vancouver 27

China (Zhongguo)

Fishing boat on River Li, Tufu, fast food in an old Chinese city 04, "om mani padme hum”, , Jiayu Guan 12, Dunhuang 02, Passing an ancient Silk Road city 12, Lantau, Hong Kong 7, Life by the River Li 53, Guilin 56, An eatery for the local, Shanghai 2, Making buns, Shanghai 6

Croatia (Hrvatska)

The Church of St Mark the Evangelist, Zagreb 19, Trogir 39, Split 42, Dubrovnik 60, Split 66

Czechoslovakia (Ceska Republika)

Prague 05, An afternoon overlooking Prague 38, prague 39

Egypt (Misr)

Upholding a veggie, Cairo 08, A cleansing ritual, Cairo 18, Someone has to do the laundry, Cairo 29, Craftsmen hammering the copper 45, Luxor 72, street, Cairo 111


arc de triomphe, paris 1

Germany (Deutschland)

Looking out from Schloss Hohenschwangau to Schloss Neuschwanstein, Fussen 06, Hiking track in the castle area, Fussen 43, Eccenric Ludwig II's dream castle, Schloss Neuschwanstein, Fussen 48, Rothenburg g 30, Heidelberg s 6, Terraced cultivation on the bank of River Rhine k 22, A child serving on a River Rhine Ferry 23, River Rhine k 29

Greece (Ellas; Ellada)

Odeion of Herodeas Atlicus, Athens 23, poros 40, Children at the pier, Hydra, Mural in a museum, Athens 58

Hungary (Magyarország)

The Great Synagogue 09, The Blue Danube, Budapest 21, St Andrew, Danube Bend 34, the Hungarian costume 113, The Hungarian spice 114, The Great Warriors 155


Bollywood Glamour in the Airport Toilet, New Delhi, Reality in the New Market Toilet, Kolkata A Bathing Ritual, Kolkata, Bridge Toll Gate, Kolkata, Victoria Memorial, Kolkata, The Car of the Year, Kolkata, A very relaxed driver in a traffic mayhem, Kolkata

Italy (Italia)

Venezia, Acque Alte-Trust the Venetian to thrive in tides of low and high!, The Fountain of Trevi, Rome 057, Duomo, Siena 111, Basilica of St Maria Novella, Florence, Manarola, Cinque Terre 245, The 3rd segment of the Cinque Terre track 264, A girl in boots, Venice in preparation for the high water 289, The Grand Canal, Venice 340, Colosseum, Rome in the early 80s 1, St Peter's Square, Rome in the early 80s

Japan (Nippon)

Praying for success and love, The praying scripts, Girls taking the heavenly water, With a monk's blessing, The night life, Have a go, A place to pray


Monaco in the early 80s 1

Morocco (Al Maghrib)

Poor donkey, Morocco d 21, Uncovering her silky hair, Morocco d 28

Netherlands (Nederland)

Van Gogh, a self portrait

Poland (Polska)

Krakow 05, Krakow 09, Krakow 23, The firing dragon, Krakow 33, Warsaw 20, A couple marrying in the late 80s, Warsaw 26


The barber in the 80s

South Africa

Old ma selling prickly pear, The passing herd, A white make-believe, The Zulu dancing queen, Johannesburg in the 80s, Mango, 20 rands a bagful, Newcastle

Spain (Espana)

Sunset on a river, Toledo 1, Toledo f 5, Looking out, Madrid f 13, A pensive look, Madrid f 22, Easter, Larios, Malaga f 34, Toledo i 17, Valle de los Caidos k 4, Las Casas Colgados, Cuenca k 8, Albacicin, Alhambra, Granada l 24, The partal gardens, Generalife, Granada l 26, El Acueducto, Segovia m 03

Switzerland (Schweiz; Suisse; Svizzera)

Lucerne b 22, Grindelwald d 23, Grindelwald d 35, Grindelwald 7, Swiss uid 3

Thailand (Siam)

Plated in gold leaves, Bangkok 02, Thai Yoga 13, A temple, Bangkok 15, Inside one of the temples, Bangkok 17

Turkey (Turkiye)

Istanbul Blue, Ayasofya, St Sophia Museum 06, Sultandmet, Blue Mosque 08, At the pier, My friends, the sailors, One of the Princes Islands 67, One of the Princes Islands 69, Horse-carriage ride on the island 72, Parade at Dolmabache Palace

United Kingdom

Lake District 18, The piper 22, Edinburgh 28, Longboat Stratford-upon-avon 30, Roman bath 17, Cloister at Westminster Abbey 18, Leeds Castle s 24, The royal wedding, Changing guard London 1

Former USSR (CCCP)

Girl before a chocolate indugence, Irkutsk, Kremlin, Moscow, St Basil Church, Moscow, The guards and the Lenin Memorial, Moscow, Gum, moscow , A house along the Siberian rail, Fast food at a train stop along the Siberia, Winter palace, Leningrad 205, Leningrad 216, Summer Palace, Leningrad, Baltic Sea, Inside Hermitage, Leningrad

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