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sand and shells

There are many great skin care products in the market and you probably have one or two favourite brands that you feel loyal to. If they work for you, by all means stay with them.

The commercial brands have their advantages over the homemade products because many of them have effective formulae to combat today’s harsh climate and pollution. However, if you feel your favourite brand is less effective on you now than before, it is because your skin is adapting to it and you need another stimulant. Alternatively, your skin changes as you grow older and what has worked for you may not suit you today. This may be the time to consider another brand, or use a homemade one to supplement your current beauty product.

Homemade natural skin care product is free of chemical and suitable for all ages. You will find most ingredients in your kitchen and they are cheap. If the ingredients are good enough to eat, they are unlikely to harm your skin.

We have several traditional beauty recipes for you as listed below. While we do not remind you each time to rinse your face with water, you must do so in 10 to 20 minutes after each application. Your skin needs to breathe and a prolonged treatment may suffocate your skin.

sand and shells

In Asia, women use egg white to firm up their skin. The protein provides the nutrition the skin needed. The earlier you start using egg white, the better. Girls do not need cosmetics in their teens, but egg white is an exception. The treatment is simple, just spread the egg white lightly over your face and wash it off after a while. You can do it anytime, for instance, when you are preparing a meal with eggs, you can apply the excess egg white on your face or your daughter‘s; how easy is that?

Disolve a handful of bi-carbonate soda into your bath and you will feel freshing with smooth and silky skin.

Lemon has a purifying and whitening effect. Honey nourishes your skin. Squeeze a few drops of lemon into a bowl and add a spoon of honey to it. Dilute the mixture with water to make a smooth paste, your facial mask. Spread the paste generously over your face. Water is the major component of most cosmetic products. You need water when the paste is too thick.

In the old days, oatmeal was used for cleaning the body and hair when water supply was limited or a patient needed a dry clean. Oatmeal rubs off dirt and absorbs oil. Oatmeal, poppy seeds and apricot kernels are common ingredients in making facial and body scrubs. Oatmeal is gentle on the skin. Apricot kernel removes dead skin cells and gives your face a smooth shine. Poppy seed with its granular shape gives a gentle but ineffective scrub. You are unlikely to grind kernels as fine as the cosmetic companies do, and we suggest you to buy apricot scrubs from the market. Poppy seed is expensive and its effectiveness as a scrub is doubtful. Many of us have oatmeal for breakfast. Why not use oatmeal as a scrub to massage your face and body next time and see if it works for you? When you massage your skin with a scrub, you let the particles rolled on your skin, but not pushed them over or you will get your wrinkles early.

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