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Broccoli and soy are said to prevent the growth of hormone-responsive tumours, such as breast, ovarian and prostate cancers.

Green tea has the same health benefits as fermented (black) tea. Several medical studies indicate that green tea prevents a certain cancers, though which type of cancers is unspecified. As of today, FDA, US Food and Drug Administration, has not endorsed the studies. FDA has further commented that the anti-cancer effect of green tea is unlikely.

Food processing reduces the amounts of health-promoting compounds and the level of vitamins in fruit and vegetables.

  Cleaning with Bi-carbonate Soda

Bi-carbonate soda is a great deordorant and cleaning agent. Add half a cup to the laundry rinse cycle, to give freshness to linens. Dry clean carpet by a handful on the carpet before vacuum. Apply and rub off with a wet towel, to remove tea and coffee stains. Sprinkle on concrete and driveways and scrub with a wet brush, to remove the oily stains. Pour a little into smelly shoes for a day or so, to remove odours. Leave some in the fridge to absorb food odours.

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Men with high cholesterol levels have a 50 per cent higher risk of prostate cancer, says Italian research. Food Navigator Europe - 12 Apr 2006

Insoluble fibre could protect against diabetes, Nutra Ingredients - 12 Apr 2006

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