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  Coffee, or Tea 《 咖 啡 , 或 茶 》

Coffee, or Tea is an unassuming film that has earned a prominent spot on the closing night of the Hong Kong International Film Festival on 6 Apr 2008. The film that started as a 22-minutes film in the First Movie of RTHK, has extended to a full feature film claiming international attention.

The film is directed by Mr Mandrew Kwan Man-Hin, an emerging young director and a student of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, under the mentoring of Mr Shu Kei, a professor and Dean of Film and Television of the Academy, whose Sunless Day received the OCIC award in Berlin Film Festival.

Mandrew Kwan has the following words on Coffee, or Tea, an adaptation of a 1960s' love story.

《 咖 啡 , 或 茶 》 導 演 關 文 軒 的 話 : 有 些 人 一 輩 子 討 厭 咖 啡 , 有 些 人 一 輩 子 討 厭 紅 茶 。 他 們 只 是 固 執 , 相 信 他 們 所 選 擇 的 沒 有 錯 , 就 是 錯 了 , 也 不 想 去 改 。 就 好 像 一 個 人 喜 歡 另 外 一 個 人 一 樣 , 他 們 不 必 考 慮 對 方 是 否 同 樣 喜 歡 自 己 , 只 要 自 己 喜 歡 就 是 了 。 戀 愛 中 的 男 女 總 是 那 麼 樣 , 他 們 愛 得 不 管 死 活 , 於 是 很 容 易 有 人 心 碎 , 有 人 落 淚 。 問 題 就 在 這 裏 , 錯 誤 也 在 這 裏 , 故 事 也 在 這 裏 。

A translation:

“Some people dislike coffee in their whole life, and some dislike red tea. They are just being stubborn, believing their choices are right; even if they are wrong, they don’t want to change. This is so like one person liking another one; never in a moment will they consider whether their feeling is reciprocated or not, all they care is what they like. Men and women in love are the same; they love so deeply that they don't care about life or death and inevitably, some have broken hearts and some shed tears. This is the problem, so are mishaps, and this is the story of my film.”

Read Dean Napolitano's review of Coffee, or Tea in A Feature’s Unlikely Birth.

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