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Baby Boomers Are Unlikely To Be The Shy Retiring Type The Age - 3 Dec 2010

Madoff Scheme Kept Rippling Outward, Across Borders New York Times - 20 Dec 2008

Rudd unveils $10.4b stimulus plan The Age - 14 Oct 2008

On your own (Age Pensioner) The Age - 1 Oct 2008

Until debt do us part The Age - 1 Oct 2008

Australia the millionaires factoryThe Age - 23 Sep 2008

How AIG fell apart Reuters - 18 Sep 2008

Who can you trust? The Age - 18 Sep 2008

Beware of the super villains The Age - 30 Apr 2008

More shares at a discount The Age - 30 Apr 2008

Invest in shares without buying them directly The Age - 27 Apr 2008

See the light on shadow shares The Age - 27 Apr 2008

Tax office's red flag The Age - 23 Apr 2008

It's not the time to panic The Age - 20 Apr 2008

Why it's never too soon to think of retirement The Age - 20 Apr 2008

Go it alone. The Age - 1 Nov 2006

On the hunt for a capital idea. Resorting to a reverse mortgage is not the only way to supplement retirement income. The Age - 1 Nov 2006

Now's the time to shovel money into super. Some people could even consider borrowing $1 million to top up their fund before next July, George Liondis writes. The Age - 29 Oct 2006

The gap between what people need to save for a comfortable retirement and what they are actually saving is growing... Equity release is one possible solution ... It is important that customers receive appropriate advice. Aviva - 4 May 2006

Pecked to bits. Investors often don't know who's getting paid from their investments ... The Age - 3 May 2006

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