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- Tell us your business and we shall find the incentive program applicable to your enterprise.

  Business Incentive Programs

Eligible business, which exports to a new market, can claim the EMDG, Export Market Development Grant, on 50% of its export promotion expenses in excess of AUD 15,000.

Qualified young entrepreneur may get a government subsidy on business coaching. NSW has a Young Entrepreneur Stepping Up Program for those aged between 18 and 35 who have operated in a small business for at least a year. If you need a mentor in Victoria, please contact us at

If your business turns over less than AUD 100 million a year and you invest on research and development, you may be eligible for a grant on 50% of your eligible project expenditures under Commercial Ready, a merit-based grant program supporting innovation and its commercialisation. Commercial Ready offers a grant from AUD 50,000 to AUD 5 million for each eligible project up to three years. You may split your application into three stages of development : Research & Development, Proof of Concept and Commercialisation, or apply for the whole project at one go. For details of the program, visit AusIndustry or contact us at for assistance.

Eligible business can claim up to 125% tax deduction on costs spent on research and development activities. Registration for the research and development activities must be submitted to AusIndustry within 10 month after the financial year-end. You then claim the tax concession in your corporate tax return.

Government grants of between $50,000 to $500,000 are available to eligible small businesses seeking IT skills development, training and mentoring. Applications close on 25 Sep 2009. For further information and consultancy, please contact

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